Affiliate Empowerment

by KowaBunga! Technologies

Study after study and article after article have shown that Affiliate Program Marketing works. It's even been called the "Most Effective" form of Internet Marketing. Just ask any webmaster or business owner that offers an Affiliate Program - they'll tell you themselves that it works!

When you ask them about the effectiveness of their Affiliate Program, also be sure to ask them what makes their program successful. We're willing to bet that the Affiliate Program Marketers will tell you that the secret to their success is their belief in this simple fact: Affiliate Program Marketing is more than traditional banner advertising and banner-exchange. It is a complete revenue-sharing program based on a highly motivated network of partners.

The traditional 80/20 marketing rule applies to this belief. It will help explain the differences in a banner program and an Affiliate Program and show why an Affiliate Program based on Empowered Affiliates gets results! The old 80/20 Rule says that in just about any market, a company will see that:

  • 80% of their business comes from 20% of their customers

  • 80% of their sales come from 20% of their advertising

  • 80% of their leads come from 20% of their sales agents

The rule shows that the largest part of your business' success relies mainly on a small fraction of your clientele, advertising, and employees. The same holds true for Affiliate Program Marketing:

  • 80% of Affiliate Members will place a banner on their site and wait for click-throughs. They may experience a large number of page views/impressions and even click-throughs - but they'll rarely experience sales.

  • 20% of Affiliate Members will actively promote their Affiliation with the company. They'll place articles on their sites, dedicate a webpage or group of webpages to the product, publish an article about the product in their newsletter, place advertisements in other newsletters and encourage their customers to buy. These Affiliate Members may never use a banner, so their number of impressions will be low or non-existent. However, their click-throughs, whether high or low, will bring with them a high percentage of sales.

As the 80/20 rule shows, 80% of sales will come from 20% of your Affiliate Members. This active 20% is what makes Affiliate Programs so successful. They are the ones informing the public, creating demand and developing strong brand awareness. They are highly motivated individuals - ambitious enough to write their own sales copy or ask you to write for them.

These successful Affiliate Members require considerable time and energy from the Affiliate Program Manager. Managers spend a lot of time with these Affiliate Members writing articles, creating webpages, and distributing this information to different affiliate members.

As time-consuming as this may be, Affiliate Program Marketers will tell you that the hard work really pays off. For each article they write and webpage they create, they see an increase in click-throughs and phone calls. Not only are they receiving new traffic, they are receiving qualified, informed prospects - visitors that read the article, viewed the webpage, and learned about the product before clicking through.

Unlike a banner which gives the visitor a quick "tease" and hopes that it will result in a click-through, a well- written article or product description grabs the visitors' attention, informs them, and gets them excited about the product - it pre-sells the visitor.

When the visitors clicks through, they already know what they're looking at and why they are looking. They've already created a picture in their heads about how the product will work for them. These visitors have clicked through to buy. These are the visitors we all want!

These are the visitors we all can get - with a well-planned Affiliate Program centered on Affiliate Empowerment. Affiliate Empowerment is just what it sounds like - it's a technique used to empower Affiliate Members and strengthen that top 20% by giving them a number of ways to promote your products. Empower them with articles, webpages, special images, press releases, e-zine ads, classifieds ads, signature files, and more!

We've already established that this technique works - it generates informed, excited, qualified leads. However, we've also established that this technique can be time-consuming.

Now, it doesn't have to be! With a new Module that was recently added to KowaBunga Technologies' The Affiliate Program Software, empowering your Affiliate Members is a piece of cake! The Empowerment Pack gives you the chance to offer your Affiliate Members special images, text files, and webpages complete with their unique ID Number.

The Affiliate Empowerment Pack makes it easy to offer all of these effective linking methods. You simply create the image, write your ads or develop a new webpage, and the software will customize the links for each of your Affiliate Members and make the new methods available on their Administration Pages. When your Affiliate Members log into their administration panel, they'll see all of their linking options complete with their unique ID Number. They'll pick an image, text block, or HTML page by copying it and pasting it onto their website, newsletter, email messages, classified posting, etc.

Your top 20% will now have all of those additional linking methods at their fingertips at any time day or night. They'll be stronger and better able to promote your products without your help. Plus - since the software takes care of the customization and distribution for you automatically, your Affiliate Program Management tasks will be cut to a minimum.

Before the Affiliate Empowerment Pack, Affiliate Members would have to be ambitious and results-oriented enough to ask for additional linking options. Now, with the new options being so easily accessible, that bottom 80% that were afraid to ask, or never thought to, will have several linking options right in front of them every time they log onto their Administration Screen.

By Empowering your Affiliate Members, you may see a stronger top 20% and a stronger, more active bottom 80%. In the spirit of true Internet Marketing Efficiency, you may even start seeing the tables turn to show a strong top 80% and an active lower 20%!

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