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Why Web 2.0 & Web 3.0?  --  Because the face of affiliate marketing is changing along with the evolution of the Web...

In popular Web culture language, Web 1.0 was the early technology that allowed the mass publishing of content, pure and simple.  The technology was used by the people, largely for finding information via a plethora of individualized websites.
The trajectory of Web 2.0, typified by the rise of the Social Media or social networking sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, and Digg) has been focused on
participation, wherein the newer, largely interactive technological applications have made people part of the technology.  While this has opened up many new avenues for affiliates to utilize in their marketing efforts, it's also
shifted the emphasis toward a more communal, open, and democratic outlook for all - which translates into an emphasis on free, on fun, on utility, on adding value to the collective asset.  This has led to a de-emphasis on some of the earlier affiliate marketing tactics
at the same time as the proliferation of websites, affiliates, and competing online products has made affiliate marketing trickier than even just a very few years ago.
Web 3.0 might be defined in various ways...  We're probably seeing just the swelling of that wave, and it's impossible to predict exactly what new ramifications of emerging trends will have the biggest impact in the long run (and no doubt there will be new technologies that come into surprising play).  Most pronouncements about Web 3.0 currently are from technology geeks who think in terms of how the machines will be made to better serve up the data everyone wants (and how to make money from this).  [Search especially on "the semantic web" and "cloud computing".]  That will be an evolutionary change of some magnitude (accompanied by many smaller revolutions in specific areas).  But the trends suggest something far beyond this:  that it isn't so much about the machines or even the data anymore; that people want to get even more involved with the information as well as with each other.  This is the evolutionary force that's in play (and I suspect that the technology developers who work toward that, rather than just fiddling with data in new ways, will be the ones to come out on top).
Even those who have stood back, or been held back, from online offerings (especially:  internationally; elders; offline businesses; small non-profits) are interested in the greater user-friendliness and inclusiveness that this Web2.0/Web3.0 cusp is bringing about.  And as modern technology has given us so many mobile devices that hook into the Web, mobile users of the internet are wanting to get full access to the Web as well.  What seems called for is a more global envisioning that serves advertisers and websurfers together.
In terms of Web evolution, the customer (/user, participant) is truly now (more and more) a player with directional control, not just waiting on the sidelines for developments to arise from the minds of a few entrepreneurs.  Given this, I would bet that Web 3.0 will be about greater participation, greater inclusiveness, more cooperation - not so much about technologies as about social aspects.  It will be about greater enfranchisement of all those entities that make up a community but may have been left out of the Web (small local-serving businesses, non-profits, agencies, chambers of commerce and the like - and people moving from place to place) - which will enhance the aggregate value for everyone.  (Yes, and businesses may soon be able to take advantage of artificial intelligence applications that "mine" information from big databases and from behaviors/choices that participants exhibit.)  
A few entrepreneurs are anticipating this more "family-of-man-oriented" transformation, by emphasis and/or by design.  Look for more on all this
inside the following pages.
Whether or not you're excited about the "higher road" that developments in the Social Web seem enabled to encourage, marketing is, at base, for the people.  It's essentially about giving people what they're looking for, and people are looking for greater (and easier) connection (with products as well as with each other).  "Web 2.0/3.0" are really just catchy labels for new trends... and the more people-focused new trends are driving the Web's evolution.
And in fact, to get back to the real focus of this website, affiliate marketing is a natural for the Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 environments.  To see why, read on...


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