In a remote mountain village of less than 40 full-time folks (we live where my prospector grandfather homesteaded almost a century ago), jobs are what you create... like this website.  Why AffiliatePrimer.com? Because...

In the process of setting up my first website, I learned an awful lot about "affiliate marketing" and affiliate programs (also called associate, referral, partner, reseller, revenue-sharing, or pay-for-performance programs). This is still a fairly new and very accessible way of earning, with or without a website - and you can see from all those names that some clarification would be helpful! Since I wasn't able to find much in overview fashion, I provided it. ...It ought to save you quite a bit of time and some bruises - now you won't have to learn it the hard way!

If you're interested, whether in acting as an affiliate or setting up an affiliate program for a product or service, the free report I've prepared, "The Affiliate Marketing Primer", will help you on your way.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share what I've found out with you!

If you'd like for any reason to communicate with me, here's my (newest) email address:  s@AffiliatePrimer.com


Sherry Abstein Gordon
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Viral Marketing Strategies for Affiliates and Affiliate Program Merchants (and Others) 
Practical steps you can take to put viral marketing into effect in your affiliate (etc.) business