These affiliate marketer tools are specific to the affiliate merchant (see the FOR BOTH page for recommendations of other affiliate marketer tools that are useful to both merchants and affiliates).

Where there is more than one of a type in the list, look for contrasts in the notes...

(see the primer section "Setting Up Affiliate Programs" for other information, including other affiliate program networks)


AffiliateShop - this is a good lesser-cost (single-tier only) option for affiliate program management hosted on their server  single-tier affiliate program

ClickBank merchant account - perhaps the most popular facility for selling ebooks (and other intangible products or services) online, since it offers merchants an automatic (and free!) single-tier affiliate program for a one-time set-up fee of $50 (allows you to sell up to 50 products under one account), and the fees for credit card and e-check processing are quite minimal  single-tier affiliate program - a growing Europe-based counterpart to ClickBank, with no setup fees or product minimum... but which allows for selling both tangible and intangible products (though you must pay your affiliates through their interface, via PayPal or MoneyBookers)  single-tier affiliate program

iDevAffiliate - a superior and inexpensive on-your-server product (I encourage you to read the testimonials), with easy setup and some very nifty features such as a choice of 7 languages and 52 currencies, performance rewards, and an offline marketing option (customer types in affiliate's ID); also a monthly-fee, on-their-server option  two-tier affiliate program

myAP (MyAffiliateProgram) - set up your own affiliate program on their server; a highly-evolved set of choices for the affiliate merchant - do check out their website for the informational aspect

Synergyx - very powerful and highly-rated affiliate program software, housed on your server - for single- or two-tier programs; exceptional customer service from designer Paul Galloway  single-tier affiliate program

Ultimate Affiliate - an excellent mid-range option for an affiliate program setup on your server  six-tier affiliate program

WebsiteWizard - for a monthly fee (see #3 of their 3 levels of service; you can also pay yearly, for significant savings), you get great webhosting and a storehouse of super features, one of which is the option of easily setting up a 2-tier affiliate program for your own products (from your own shopping cart, of course)... all you have to do is pay the affiliates  two-tier affiliate program


EasyClickMate - a CGI option for the merchant who wishes to use ClickBank but wants to collect affiliates' names/addresses/IDs and locations; resultant links use your domain name (boosting your SE ranking) - and provide unstealable links for your affiliates; I have used this and highly recommend this sophisticated little program if you want to put in the set-up and occasional updating time - it allows you to use the ClickBank-run affiliate program as though it were your own (and developer Adrian Ling's customer service is superb)  single-tier affiliate program

MoneyBookers - similar to PayPal (see below), perhaps more useful/popular outside of the U.S. merchant account - for selling tangible or intangible products or services via PayPal and/or StormPay accounts (i.e., online funds and credit cards) and online checks; monthly subscription billing option; no setup fee for one product, only $29 one-time fee for multiple products; merchant fees are in addition to PayPal and StormPay fees (still low); PayDotCom is like an upgrade to ClickBank in many respects... but merchants must themselves go through the motions to pay their own affiliates monthly; PayDotCom essentially adds value to PayPal (and/or similar StormPay - which is better accepted outside of North America) with excellent affiliate tracking/management, ability to set higher payout percentages for JV partners, and the doubling up of two popular online payment facilities  single-tier affiliate program - a means of making electronic payments between businesses and/or individuals (esp. effective for handling small payments in lieu of the expense of cutting checks), free to both parties; auction payments feature; Mass Payments option (perfect for affiliate commission payments or rebates; downloadable transaction history) for a very small fee; international payments; Web Accept feature - accept credit card payments on your site for only 2-3%; they even offer mobile phone access to your account!; Money Market yield on funds they hold for you (all accounts insured)  single-tier affiliate program, if you're signed up for the "Premier" or "Business" account



Instant Sales Letters - a database of 33 templates for sales letters of all types, this can be a huge help for any kind of business... fill-in-the-blanks, or tailor them to your needs (by experienced offline and online marketer Yanik Silver)  two-tier affiliate program

Internet Success Spider - unlimited-use online software that quickly finds for you all the sites linked to one of your choosing (your competition's, or yours?) and ranks them (a great way to find "super affiliates")  two-tier affiliate program

Make Your Price Sell! - a cost-effective and innovative - revolutionary, actually - means of establishing the right price for anything you have to sell, whether product or service... if you have (or can borrow :^) a list of people to query; useful for determining whether or not your product can support affiliate commissions, and at what percentage (also excellent for feasibility studies); also satisfaction guaranteed  for two-tier SiteSell affiliate program, residual, click here



Viral Marketing Strategies for Affiliates and Affiliate Program Merchants (and Others) 
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