These are affiliate marketer tools that might be made good use of by both affiliate program merchants and their affiliate partners.

Where there is more than one of a type in the list, look for contrasts in the notes.


[NOTE:  many webhosting services offer free one-off autoresponders... but you'll probably be more interested in the far more useful sequential autoresponder options mentioned below]

If you aren't familiar with autoresponder, I highly recommend the free 7-day e-course from Simon Grabowski of GetResponse, an excellent overview with very useful tips on creating and using autoresponders:

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Remember, your privacy is safe! - a very professional and easy to use unlimited autoresponder service with a 30-day free trial - and everything is automated from their servers; includes social sharing buttons, a form builder, a landing page creator  two-tier affiliate program, residual

Easy PHP Autoresponder - sophisticated automated email software that resides on your site's webserver, usable for any number of websites; unlimited autoresponders for batched outgoing emails - sequential autoresponders or broadcast emailing for one-off messages/ezines, including an RSS option; good sign-up forms, can also import your own contacts; free or pro version, also WordPress version (guaranteed, well-supported)


FranklinCovey Franklin Planner Products - the best day planner, period (I used it for a few years after failing with others), very popular with busy people in all types of professions, paper and digital versions - the most effective (clinically researched) subliminal tape technology - and a large catalog of economical tapes to choose from, including many that are specifically business- and success-related; highly recommended - this catalog could change your life! - this is a wonderful way to market one's website!... on your car window, door, or bumper - they make inexpensive and good-looking "decals" (sturdy and removable) with one or more lines of text... including your easy-to-remember URL (they also have personalized "just married" decals for newlyweds)


Make Your Knowledge Sell! - an exceptional set of manuals, showing how anyone can create and profit from a great ebook, in many different ways (by Monique Harris and Ken Evoy) - and it's now totally free

The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package - if you don't have an idea for your own e-book, this is the book you need... how to get and work up successful ideas (even if you aren't a "writer" yourself)  two-tier affiliate program


Adobe Acrobat - the standard (and moderately costly) .pdf-producing tool (and .pdf files can be read by any type of computer, via the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software); works well compiling from .rtf files (especially Word documents)

eBookGold - very fine software that produces .exe ebooks (i.e., work only on Windows machines) from HTML files; the security features are outstanding:  you can choose to disable copying and/or printing, you can opt to password-protect certain pages, it will actually lock an ebook to one person's computer (so that it can't be spread around without your permission), and when someone asks for a refund of a for-sale ebook, you can disable the book on their computer (fair enough!); supports advanced multimedia content (like Flash, Shockwave, Java Applets, and sound files), with no special coding  two-tier affiliate program

Viral Document Toolkit - this inexpensive software allows you to "rebrand" .pdf documents, making it possible for others to customize them - e.g., with their own affiliate links, bio, even their own wording for other sections of a document (it even allows you to make .pdf documents, unbranded if you like); works on any Word or .rtf file; can hide long affiliate links, can also add links to images

[NOTE:  ebook covers have been proven to boost sales 3 times over! - they plain old make your digital product look "real"] E-book Cover Templates - by far the best collection of e-book cover templates I've found... and it's huge!; if you're going to do your own covers, this is an excellent way to save time and get creative; free e-book cover tutorial included in lifetime membership  single-tier affiliate program  

CompactDraw - make your own ebook covers with this very inexpensive (shareware) software and the tutorial that comes with it; not as powerful as the way more expensive possibilities (Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro), but it turns out good-looking graphics

Professional ebook cover design - I'm impressed with "rroxx" on as a cover designer, and she comes highly rated by over 1000 customers (many samples shown; choices of various styles) - it doesn't get cheaper than $5!, and these are quite good (for ebooks, reports, even ezines)


Convert HTML into responsive CSS webpage for all screen sizes - I can highly recommend "Riaz66" on as a web programming expert who will work with you to create just the right modern CSS site template scaled to work with all sizes of screens, mobile and otherwise (he will also develop new sites and WordPress templates)

Make Your Links Work! (and "Value Exchange" service) - the ebook is free, the service is free (no strings attached), and both are dedicated to helping webmasters develop high-value link strategies (as opposed to wasting time and "weakening your case" with the search engines by exchanging links with any old site); I highly recommend reading this book! - the service itself is a useful shortcut, too, if you wish to go that route (by Ken Evoy)

Make Your Site Sell! - the MYSS! book - greatly updated and expanded (and now entirely free) - is for anyone interested in marketing, on the web or not; a superb introduction to the ins and outs of webmarketing, it's also an excellent review "bible" for the more knowledgeable (by Ken Evoy)

Make Your Words Sell! - wonderful, in-depth instruction on how to write great copy specifically for the internet (websites, email, ezines), by two experts (Joe Robson and Ken Evoy) - and a free download

--- WEBHOSTING: - inexpensive webhosting, especially for the very powerful basic package, and fantastic U.S.-based customer service (but please see Site Build It! and WebsiteWizard below if you're a beginner - value isn't just in up-front cost!; not to mention that to use this service, you already have to know how to set up a site, and make it attract the search engines... and forego the business-building benefits of the SBI! system)  single-tier affiliate program (also a Referral program to offset your own hosting expenses)

Search It! - an extremely useful compilation of free web business tools, all in once place... many options for keyword brainstorming, researching one's competition, finding link opportunities, etcetera (from Site Build It! - and one of the cleverest, "neededest" offerings that inevitably draws in sales as well... just because the material is all great)

Site Build It! (SBI!) (& now SBI! for WP for WordPress aficionados) - inexpensive web hosting… but with all the expensive trimmings! (really, it's more like totally free webhosting with a super-inexpensive package of woven-in programs that immeasurably help boost webpage ranking, among other useful things...) - statistics especially for affiliates, by-the-hand set-up of pages (or use HTML, as preferred), free domain registration, invaluable help with pay-per-click SEs and Google AdWords, automatic major SE submission, automatic RSS-feeds, and more… all of which would cost over $1000/year separately!; see the Quick Tour Slide Show for a nice overview, or peruse this cost comparison with other options [...and check out the monthly SBI sweepstakes!]; paid by the year; an excellent place to begin, if you're serious about building a successful business  two-tier affiliate program, residual

WebsiteWizard - also inexpensive, lead-you-through-it web hosting - a choice of 3 packages (and the low-cost version - under $10 a month, for up to 15 pages - has good features like form-, survey-, popup-, and logo-creators, site templates, 100s of stock photos to choose from, a discussion forum option, even a built-in PayPal shopping cart; #3 allows you to offer your own 2-tier affiliate program); you can pay by the month, or pay yearly for big savings; this is also a good place to begin, especially if you aren't sure webmarketing is for you and want to try it out on a pay-as-you-go basis - there are lots of possibilities to play around with!  two-tier affiliate program, residual



Viral Marketing Strategies for Affiliates and Affiliate Program Merchants (and Others) 
Practical steps you can take to put viral marketing into effect in your affiliate (etc.) business