These affiliate tools are specific to the affiliate partner (see the FOR BOTH page for other recommendations that are useful to both affiliates and affiliate program merchants).

AdSense - Google's automatically-served contextual ads (i.e., linked to the specific content of your pages) are about the least obnoxious form of advertising you can weave into your webpages, barring that which you devise yourself - and you can place them anywhere on each page (or not) as you like; they also allow banners, again contextually served (the big strength of this program) - and now, text ads for RSS feeds, mobile sites, video content, and more; also includes Google search boxes for your site

free Affiliate Masters Course - a free 10-day ecourse (or downloadable .pdf files) - now in its 4th edition - that takes you through all the steps for developing, or redeveloping, a successful affiliate business  [...then be sure to read the free ebook, Make Your Content PRE-Sell! for two-tier SiteSell affiliate program, residual, click here

Associate-O-Matic ("The easiest way to build a complete Amazon Affiliate Store") - software (to place on your webhost's server) that facilitates setting up Amazon store links of various kinds (i.e., makes it simpler than doing it via your Amazon affiliate account); really easy to use... and flexible (add/subtract store categories, display them in different ways, add custom HTML content if desired, access - and get paid for sales from - all of the Amazon database); see lots of examples/testimonials on the site; I love the clever pricing of this!:  use the program in exchange for the Amazon affiliate commissions of 1 out of 10 sales, or pay $99 and keep all the commissions

GoogleSniper - a superb training system that shows you how to bypass a lot of affiliate marketing pain!... by setting up simple, and utterly effective, search engine-dominating websites without further work or worry about site optimization; detailed ebook plus 8 training videos (see the free introductory videos!)  single-tier affiliate program

MobileSuccessBlueprints - full information on how to take advantage of the now-vast mobile market through affiliate marketing via several major mobile device ad networks (whether you have a mobile device or not); thorough over-the-shoulder video training for both list-building and CPA (cost-per-action - i.e., the surest way to make commissions) marketing techniques; comes with great niche keyword software and a tool for easily creating mobile-sized squeeze pages  single-tier affiliate program

NameStick - a good way to increase your affiliate marketing commissions, as well as a means to other interesting domain name options... with superior domain name cloaking/referring that still gives critical information to the search engines (and keeps your domain in the SE address bar); includes unlimited sub-directory forwarding, even email/forwarding  for two-tier affiliate program, residual, click here



Viral Marketing Strategies for Affiliates and Affiliate Program Merchants (and Others) 
Practical steps you can take to put viral marketing into effect in your affiliate (etc.) business